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"Speaker Idol" Competition
When: Starts: July 17, 2008 06:00 PM Ends: 08:00 PM Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Welcome Time: 05:45 PM

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Event Details (Event Code:129952)
 A rapid fire series of five technical presentations, overseen by a panel of judges including Mary Jo Foley

1. Zino Lee: Introduction to F#
F# is a functional language that started at Microsoft Research and is in the process of being productized into Visual Studio. We will see what F# is and what features/differences there are between F# and "imperative" languages like C#

2. James Curran: Castle Monorail
MonoRail is a MVC framework for Web Development inspired by ActionPack. It is part of the large Castle Project which includes the Windsor IoC container and the ActiveRecord data mapper.

3. John Carnevale: Upgrading Legacy Code
Learn how to read the code and determine a path of action to be taken with the code upgrade. See how to evaluate what could be upgraded using the wizard, what needs to be rewritten and when to say throw it away and start all over from scratch.

4. Bill Fugina: Arithmetic in Generic Classes
Bill will show some examples of the benefits of doing arithmetic in generic classes and later, some utility classes and interfaces that make it possible and extremely easy to do arithmetic in generic classes

5. Gerardo Arevalo: Casual and More Hard-Core WCF
Gerardo is going to quickly build a pair of WCF client applications to demonstrate the use of the MVP design pattern to guarantee a contract with the clients and facilitate unit testing.

Speaker:   Zino Lee has been working on wall street investment banks for the past 12 years, and doing .NET for 4 years. Currently the VP and manage a group that takes care of all GUI work for a trading desk. In graduate school at NYU James did some OCaml work when F# project started.

James M. Curran is a Senior Developer at and as a hobby, the Owner/Operator of which is being converted into a MonoRail based site (under-development version viewable at Previously, he was a Microsoft MVP for VisualC++.

John Carnevale is working at Purvis systems stationed at the FDNY converting legacy code to .NET for the Starfire system.

Bill Fugina works as a software developer for Coleman Insights, a music industry market research company in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He visits the office three or four days each month and otherwise telecommutes from his home office in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

Gerardo Arevalo is relatively new to the New York (Tri-State) area. He is from El Salvador, lived in North Florida, then packed up for the North East to be closer to the techno
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When and Where
Starts: July 17, 2008 06:00 PM
Ends: 08:00 PM
Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Welcome Time: 05:45 PM
Microsoft Corporation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
6th Floor
New York, New York 10104
United States  Bing It!

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